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Roadside Assistance Services

Looking for roadside assistance near you across the United States?

We help you get roadside assistance in the fastest and most reliable way possible. See prices and times from all tow trucks near you with one click, and pick the best option for you. Fastest tow near you matter most? Cheap tow the most important criteria?

Help will be on the way in minutes.

Track your tow truck driver on a map with real-time updates and accurate ETAs until you see help arrive in your rearview mirror.

For roadside assistance when you have a flat tire, are out of gas or locked out of your car, or need a tow to a mechanic near you, nothing is easier or quicker than Curbside SOS.

Submit a roadside assistance request to find services through Curbside SOS now. Just provide us basic information about your need and we'll get quotes from all of our roadside service partners in your area.

How Roadside Assistance Works with Curbside SOS

Curbside SOS brings multiple quotes from roadside assistance partners across the United States. When you submit a roadside assistance request with Curbside SOS we look for all available roadside assistance providers near you.

Find the roadside assistance provider that fits your needs. Fast towing. Cheap towing. Towing near you. Out of gas help fast. When your car is broken down, we'll get you moving in no time.

What is Roadside Assistance?

Roadside assistance is a service provided to motorists to help get them back on the road when they are stranded with vehicle issues. Examples of services provided include tire repair, flat tire,towing,jump-starts, lockouts,fuel delivery and winching a stuck vehicle out of a tough spot. Unfortunately, when roadside assistance needs arise, they often can’t wait to be addressed. When you need to get to the next part of your day no matter if it’s work, back on the road for a road trip, to a kid’s activity or home, the need is urgent and doesn’t always occur at the most convenient time. Roadside assistance needs can come up 24/7 and when they do you need someone to come to you.

Roadside Assistance

While roadside assistance coverage is sometimes included in different insurance, motor clubs or roadside networks, it’s not always the most reliable. Not to mention, this isn’t something everyone has access to. When you aren’t sure where to turn, those are the frustrating times you find yourself searching for tire repair near me, jump-start near me, tow truck near me, locksmith near me or fuel delivery near me…just hoping you find something. Throw in the complication of not always knowing exactly where you are on the side of the road and you’ve really found yourself in a bad situation. That’s where Curbside SOS comes in for our motorists looking for help in an urgent situation… Curbside SOS is the best option for stranded motorists for roadside assistance because we provide a quick response with transparent pricing and an actual ETA (estimated time of arrival) of the service vehicle. Using your exact location, we provide multiple options for the motorist to make an informed decision based on what matters most to them. Maybe they care most about a cheap tow, the fastest service provider because they are the closest or simply want the provider that responds first. The second a motorist submits a roadside assistance request with Curbside SOS, we immediately send it out to all of our service providers in our network that service your area. Roadside assistance service providers have just minutes to quote the job and assign an operator which gives the motorist the actual ETA (not some best guess number…a real ETA). As the quotes come in, the motorist sees them appear on the screen alongside the ETAs. They can wait for the quote window to close or if they see one they like they can go ahead and select. Payment is very simple with Curbside SOS. The motorist simply enters payment to authorize the transaction and the job is matched. Now the service provider is on their way to the stranded motorist, all within as little as just four minutes of starting their request with Curbside SOS.

What Does Roadside Assistance Cover?

Basic Tow

When your car can’t drive and you need to move it, for any reason, a Basic Tow is what you’re looking for to get it from Point A to Point B. With nearly 50,000 towing businesses operating in the US, you wouldn’t think it would be hard to find the right service provider when you are in need. There are many reasons to need a tow for your vehicle. Those can include: getting it to the repair shop, getting it home after an accident or incident, the car just won’t start and you need to get it home to figure out what to do next.

What Does Roadside Assistance Cover

No matter what your reason or what type of tow you are looking for - cheap tow, close tow, fast tow - Curbside SOS is here to help.

Flat Tires

When you are looking to have a spare tire put on your vehicle for you or a tire repaired, you are looking for help with Flat Tires. About 7 tire punctures occur every second in the United States. That adds up to a whopping 220 million flat tires per year. The odds are most motorists will average up to 5 flat tires in their lifetime. A study by Cooper Tires even shows 81% of Americans have had a flat tire. Maybe you’re prepared and have a spare but you’re like a large group of Americans who don’t know how to change a spare. There are many reasons to need help when it comes to tire repair today. Even if you’ve avoided a flat tire up to this point, but if you’ve found us because you are now in the 81% of Americans that have had a flat tire, Curbside SOS is here to help.

Locked Out

When you are looking for help getting into your vehicle after either losing your keys or locking them in the car, you are looking for help with being Locked Out of your car. A real quick way to ruin your day is to get locked out of your vehicle. It is incredibly stressful, inconvenient and typically happens when you are in a hurry and rushing. Don’t worry, you are not alone. About 4 million annual lockout cases occur every single year. If you can’t find or get to that spare key and end up with no other way to get into your vehicle, a roadside assistance service provider is often the best place to turn. The question is how do you sift through all of those options that are local, fast or cheap to pick the right one for you. Curbside SOS is here to help with all of your lockout needs.

Won’t Start

A number of unfortunate situations can lead to your vehicle not starting when you really need to get moving. If you find yourself in a situation where you’ve got a discharged or depleted battery, you’re looking for help with car Won’t Start. Even if you have jumper cables, you still need an auxiliary source, such as another vehicle or equipment with the same system voltage to get you back up and running. So even the most prepared motorist can end up needing help to jump-start their vehicle. Leave it to the experts to help you get moving quickly. No matter the reason you need help, Curbside SOS has your back and will help find roadside assistance providers near you 24/7

Out of Gas

When you try to time that fuel fill up just right - and who isn’t these days with the surge in fuel prices - and you miss the mark, you are looking for help with Out of Gas. If you’ve found yourself running on empty you’re left with a few options but one of those is to find a nearby roadside assistance provider to deliver fuel to you. Fuel delivery is a common solution to running out of gas on the side of the road. Getting a quote and ETA from a roadside assistance provider with Curbside SOS is simple and fast.


When you’ve found yourself in a tough spot to get out of that requires more than a Basic Tow, you’re looking for help with your car Stuck. Ending up far off the side of the road, down a ditch or stuck in the snow far from the road, your situation might require additional equipment like a winch to get your vehicle out of the spot or onto a tow vehicle. Even on those tough stuck jobs that need a tow, Curbside SOS has you covered.

Roadside Assistance Pricing

Roadside assistance pricing can vary depending on a number of factors. Not only can the pricing vary but even the structure of how you pay for roadside assistance. One option is to pay a monthly or an annual subscription or membership. You pay this fee regardless of if you use the service or not. The subscription or membership often includes some base level of coverage for certain services with some minimal amount of mileage included for tows. In the event the roadside assistance service costs more or you are towed further than your included mileage, additional charges will apply. Another route to access roadside assistance is through an insurance carrier or other type of coverage where it’s bundled in with another service offering. Even when the service is not a standalone offering, it operates in a very similar way to those programs.

Roadside Assistance Pricing

When roadside assistance is not something you have access to through an annual subscription, membership or other bundled services paying for services as you need and use them is the viable path. The tough part of this can be finding the right provider in a sea of options. Sometimes people know a local company that can tow or help with roadside assistance services or they call a friend or family member for a referral. If you’re in an area you don’t know well (or even if you live there and are just unsure who to call) you’ll likely turn to the internet for help. When searching online for a tow near you, tire repair near you, lockout help near you, jump-start near you or fuel delivery near you you’re going to just find names and numbers. Which of course can be a helpful start but where do you even begin? This is what makes Curbside SOS different and incredibly valuable solution for stranded motorists. With Curbside SOS, you aren’t paying for annual subscriptions or monthly memberships. You simply pay for the service and the service provider that fits your needs best when the need arises. When a motorist submits a quote for service with Curbside SOS, they are shown, within minutes, the options that are available to them. These options aren’t just a name and number, they are a list of the service providers with their price and their ETA (estimated time of arrival). So maybe you’re willing to wait a little longer for a cheap tow or you are in a hurry and willing to pay for the closest tow near you for a premium. We leave that decision up to the motorist.

How to get roadside assistance

The tricky part when you need roadside assistance is remembering where you need to go to get help. Not many of today’s subscription services can provide peace-of-mind when you need it during life’s stressful situations. Curbside SOS was developed so you are assured the best solutions to your roadside assistance needs. We’re there when you’re broken down. A very traditional way to get roadside assistance is picking up the phone. Picking up the phone for help also might involve a 1-800 number for one of those annual subscriptions or monthly memberships. That means relaying critical information over the phone while crossing your fingers they enter it correctly. This is even if you’ve made it through the hold music. If you aren’t using a prepaid plan or bundle, odds are you’re going to be hitting the phones regardless of looking for local providers. It’s not just about looking for a name and a number, it’s when will they arrive, how much will they cost, how do I know they are on the way? So many things to consider in making this selection in a high stress time.

How to Get Roadside Assistance

Curbside SOS is different in that we bring together all of the providers on our platform that you’d search for online in one place. We make it simple and straightforward to start and track your request for all of our roadside assistance services. Curbside SOS collects the most important information from you to start your request - simply answer just four to five questions. That’s all you have to do to start receiving quotes for your service from our roadside assistance partners in your area. In literally less than five minutes, you’ll have quotes and ETAs back from all of our available (key word there, available) roadside assistance service providers. Even if a provider quotes in 30 seconds, it’ll pop right up. No need to wait the full five minutes. Simply select the roadside assistance provider that’s right for you, submit your payment information and follow their progress to you right on your screen!

How Long Does Roadside Assistance Take?

The time it takes to get a service provider to you to help with your roadside assistance need - especially considering it’s a 24/7 service - in clubs and roadside assistance networks can vary greatly. You have to account for any amount of time it might take for them to even find an available service provider near you. That often includes lots of phone calls where time can add up quickly. Once they’ve found a provider to repair your tire or tow your car the question is are they currently available or on another job. Who even knows? With Curbside SOS, your request for service immediately goes out to our available roadside assistance service providers in your area. Since we know your location, we make sure only the relevant service providers receive your request to quote. Curbside SOS Service providers have also pre-set the areas they service. We put a cap on that so they can’t be 200 miles away, saving you the headache.

How Long Does Roadside Assistance Take

Quotes start coming in as quickly as 20 seconds from submitting your request and we continue to gather available quotes for five minutes. You make a selection and submit payment within 7 minutes. We’ve taken what can take hours upon hours down to simply minutes to pair you with the right roadside assistance provider for your flat tire, jump-start, lockout, tow and out of gas needs. The great news is the streamlined process doesn’t stop at pairing you with the right roadside assistance provider, through Curbside SOS, you can track your provider as they are headed to you. No need to make multiple phone calls to ask “When will they be here?” With roadside assistance being a need that can happen at any time, 24/7 services are incredibly important. So when all you want to do is snap your fingers and search tow near me, flat tire repair near me, lockout help near me, jump-start near me or fuel delivery near me, Curbside SOS is about as close as you can get!

Do You Tip Roadside Assistance Providers?

Whether or not to tip your roadside assistance provider is a common question from motorists. In the US, consumers are very accustomed to tipping for services provided, especially when exceptional service is provided. Toss in the fact you may be in a situation where someone has come to your aid at 3:00am you might be very inclined to provide an extra means of appreciation in the form of a tip. While a motorist is not obligated to tip their roadside assistance provider or tow driver, it is always a kind gesture and greatly appreciated. It’s also a way to recognize great work. According to Give How Much, most people do agree they would tip their roadside assistance provider if they do a good job and help them out quickly and professionally.

Do You Tip Roadside Assistance Providers

Tips can range from anything between $5 and $20. Drivers for roadside assistance providers say anything from $5 to $10 is really appreciated and $20 is considered a great tip. Top reasons to tip your roadside assistance provider include they were kind, went above and beyond to complete the job quickly, extreme weather conditions, an off-peak hour of the day or day of the week, there are road hazards the provider had to contend with to complete the job. Of course, for the same reason exceptional roadside service is shown appreciation with a tip, we do understand poor service leads motorists to be inclined to tip less or not at all. So while tipping your provider is an individual decision, know it is always appreciated when given for exceptional work.

How to Become a Roadside Assistance Provider

As a roadside assistance provider, there are many ways to find new leads and potential jobs today. We know it can be a difficult decision to decide which partners to work with to find jobs. We think working with Curbside SOS is an easy decision given several important factors we’ve made priorities. Treat service providers the way we think they should be treated - fairly with the respect they deserve.

How to Become a Roadside Assistance Provider

Curbside SOS is giving back control to roadside assistance providers by making sure:

  • You get paid your rates for your hard work
  • You get requests for quotes the instant we receive them
  • We bring transparency and ease of working with us to both you and the motorists you work with every single day. A happy motorist and customer is a great experience for you and your operators.

Becoming a roadside assistance partner with Curbside SOS is simple. Sign up your business with Curbside SOS and complete the following information in your profile:

  • Business Information
  • Service Area
  • Add Drivers
  • Add Vehicles
  • Set your prices
  • Add your bank information to receive deposits

A common question we receive from providers is, “Do I need a business license for roadside assistance?” As part of the signup process with Curbside SOS, we do ask a final question of our roadside assistance partners to validate the business and all employees hold all licenses and insurance required by law to perform services as offered on the Curbside SOS platform.
Once you’ve signed up, completed your profile be sure to have your operators (drivers) get logged into the app. Starting as soon as you sign up your business, you will receive jobs to quote as we receive them in your area. The key to success is quoting jobs. Quoting takes seconds and remember, these jobs are your rates so they are just like cash jobs.
When you need to come back or login to your account, just login to see your Curbside SOS dashboard and settings.

Do Service Providers Carry Insurance?

Do Service Providers Carry Insurance?

Service providers with Curbside SOS meet state level requirements to operate in their state. If a service provider is starting a new business, they may be looking for new coverage. In that case, they may want to use a resource like InsuranceHub, a nationally recognized insurance agency that has been specializing in tow truck insurance since 1985.

Does Roadside Assistance Cover an RV?

Does Roadside Assistance Cover an RV

Traveling across the country can be such a wonderful experience. The last thing you want to add to that wonderful experience is a need for roadside assistance. Getting a flat tire, running out of gas, needing a tow, getting locked out off your RV can really slow you down quickly when you have so many miles to cover. With Curbside SOS, simply fill out our straightforward request and we’ll ping all of our available service providers in your area that are capable of completing your job. One of the questions we ask is what type of vehicle you have, so be sure to make sure that’s accurately updated with the vehicle you are driving.

As a service provider, it’s good to know that roadside assistance for an RV might have additional requirements for your business. According to InsuranceHub, you may run into issues if you don’t adjust your policy to include coverage for additional vehicle types, like RVs. So always be sure to check your current policy or contact the appropriate resources to make sure you’re covered.

It’s always a great idea to include that you’re traveling with or in an RV in the “Other Details” section of our form to just reinforce your situation. The more information the service provider has upfront the more informed they will be on quoting your job and also making sure they only respond to job requests they can complete. So yes, Curbside SOS has providers in our network of service providers that are able to provide RV roadside assistance. Just submit the a request with us and we’ll see who in your area is able to take an RV roadside assistance job.

Can I Get Roadside Assistance?

Can I Get Roadside Assistance

The answer to that is simple with Curbside SOS. Yes. Requesting roadside assistance with Curbside SOS does not cost you anything and anyone is able to submit a request with us. Examples of services offered by Curbside SOS roadside assistance service providers include flat tire, won’t start, basic tow, locked out, out of gas and even help with stuck vehicles.

Once you submit a request with Curbside SOS, we immediately send out your request to all of our service providers to review and quote. Within seconds you can start to see quotes and ETAs coming back to you. Service providers will respond with available operators and prices so you’ll be confident those that respond are ready and able to help. Ultimately the decision is up to you, the motorist, as to which option you select of any available service providers that responded to your job request. Curbside SOS provides transparency and confidence in a process that can often be stressful and confusing.